Posts I’ve written recently that were pretty neat

At least, I think they were neat.

So part of my job as a Marketing Director is writing blog posts. And sometimes it’s a struggle, and sometimes it’s a breeze.

Sometimes I’m pretty darn proud of what I’ve written. So here are some I wrote in 2020 that pleased me.

Alt, title, and your images

Explaining the difference between the alt attribute and the title attribute and what you really need for your images was just a nice thing for me to write because I feel like it keeps on getting lost in all these new frameworks and fancy tricks and I love HTML so much that it’s just soothing to go back to basics.

Which web hosting is right for me?

This extended analogy about hotels, houses, and murder cabins in the woods has been so helpful so many times when I’m talking to people about web hosting. I’ve even used it for lightning talks at events. People can have a hard time visualising what that web hosting package will give them, and any time you can go “it’s a lot like this” is a great time.

Our Guide to Remote Working

When the Great Lockdown fell upon us all, a lot of people had to get used to working remotely. I didn’t, because I was already working for a company that loves remote working. So I took the things we do, got a lovely picture of my lunch, and wrote an article to help people.

Why You Need Your Own E-Commerce Site

Not only did this give me a chance to point out how easy it is to run your own site, it also gave me a chance to complain about how many small retailers I see working only on Facebook or Instagram. Oh my god, people, I want to buy things from you, stop making it so difficult!

(It’s fine, I source my Jolly Ranchers and Hot Tamales from other sites now.)

Make Your Site Awesome With A Print Stylesheet

This was more of a rage-post than anything. Someone linked to a JavaScript library that took web pages and made them more print-friendly (while taking up like over 1mb of space, of course), and I had a moment of pointing and shouting about print stylesheets and then decided to write it all up. It also meant I got to play with CSS and HTML again, which I missed.