The greatest cooking tool I own

A coffee mug sitting on top of the stove, with a picture of Gandalf the White and the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers logo on it.

Meet Gandalf the mug.

Single-handedly (because it’s a mug and you hold it in one hand, get it?) the greatest kitchen utensil I own.

Need to melt some butter? Gandalf.

Need to set aside some flour? Gandalf.

Need to strain some liquid from a slow-cooking stew? Gandalf.

Need to poach an egg in the microwave? Gandalf (with a takeaway container on top to stop the egg from getting all over the microwave).

Need some milk at one part of a recipe, then the rest later? Gandalf.

Need to trap a spider and take it outside? Well, no, we have a spider cup. But Gandalf would be there in a pinch.

Need a cup of tea? Okay, if I liked you, I’d use my Morris the Cat mugs, but, if, like, I had a lot of people over? Gandalf.

Need to make a double-boiler for melting chocolate? Gandalf will sit in the pot of boiling water happily.

And if Gandalf the Mug breaks, that’s fine! I have another one just in case!

Everyone needs a Gandalf in the kitchen. Find yours at any good charity, pound, or discount shop today!